RoboGeek 21T

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Intelligent Protection


Boost Tech “BoostGen”

Intelligent Protection

Using upgraded anti-drop sensing technology with infrared sensors, this robot vacuum detects the surrounding environment to protect itself from falling off stairs and other edges, but glides effortlessly along them to ensure every inch has been cleaned.

"S" Shape Cleaning

Choose from a variety of cleaning options, including an “S” shape pattern that sets the robot vacuum on a specific path, then just sit back and watch whilst this auto sweeper does the hard work for you.

Stays Within The Borders

Set the boundaries for your robotic vacuum cleaner with two specialized dual sensors, ensuring it only cleans the areas you want and prevents it from scratching furniture or approaching small animals.

1600Pa Super Suction

Low Noise

600ml Dust Box

Extra-Large Dust Box

There’s no need to empty this robot vac frequently as it comes with a 600ml dust box, allowing it to store more dirt, clean more areas and vacuum for longer. 


With a variety of different cleaning functions, take complete control over this robot vacuum cleaner remotely via the “Dserlife” App, or use voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Silent Cleaning

This Robot working decibel is only 58db, low noise to human, which allows it to clean when you are asleep or having a nap. Auto clean with only one button click, or use a remote control for your special cleaning needs.

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